• Kosmo Hair capsule
  • Kosmo Hair Gen Shampoo

Nutrition for Hair

The Kosmo Hair capsule is a supplement which is a first step to all kinds of hair fall. It is a well balanced and very well accepted cocktail of hair nutrients. It has all vital ingredients required to correct hair fall due to nutritional deficiency. It has biotin, iron and folic acid which are pillars of hair vitality in the right concentration. It is well balanced for both men and women.

For All Scalp Types

The Kosmo Hair Gen Shampoo is a special formulation to help tackle hair fall/loss & reactivate hair growth . It has vital ingredients like AnaGain & Caffeine that stimulate the scalp & signal molecules in the dermal papilla that is required to reactivate hair growth. The shampoo contains Niacinamide which is anti inflammatory and helps decrease scalp sensitivity. The lemon extracts in the shampoo help with oil control of the scalp, making it suitable for all scalp types .

It can be used as often as required by both men & women.

Apply & massage into wet scalp, leave on for a minute & smoothen along hair & wash off

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