Aging, given our current lifestyles isnít something which sets in when we cross the threshold where our bodily functions slow down and hence the signs start showing on our face.
Babies are the true bundles of joys! They have everything that would make a person go soft and melt in happiness.
| Skin Care
If there is one thing which we can confidently suggest of every time someone asks about skin care, it would be chemical peels.
| Skin Care
There is a reason why our elders or even the beauty experts keep saying that one should sleep well to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
| Skin Care
"Hyperpigmentation is a term that we generally use to describe dark spots or in some cases freckles look alike which are formed due to damage to the skin resulting in excess melanin deposition."
| Skin Whitening
Long gone are the days when cosmetic surgery or beauty treatments in general used to be a taboo and women used to shy away from owning if they have undergone any procedure or treatment.
| Hair removal
When it comes to hair removal, there are plenty of options available.
| Hair removal
Having a tattoo is an emotional decision, whether we have someoneís name inked on ourselves or it is something symbolic,
| Laser tattoo removal
Being a cosmetology clinic, we have a lot of our clients asking us about what could be the best way to ensure a good skin health.
| Skin care
Monthly waxing routines can be troublesome. The pain is just too much to take in, no matter how much the salon advertises about its painless waxes.
| Laser hair removal
If we compare what the scene used to be say 5-10 years ago and how things are today, Hair Transplant as a concept has many takers now.
| hair transplant treatment
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